Delighted Gratitude


In my experience one of the most effective antidotes for a foul mood is the simple exercise of listing things for which I am grateful.  A thoughtful review of such a list can cure a bout of self-pity like nothing else. Creating real gratitude lists, mentally or in actual written form, is a common exercise … Continue reading Delighted Gratitude

What Green Stamps Taught Me About Life

S&H Green Stamps

Does anybody else remember green stamps?  In the days before the Kroger Rewards Card, Delta Sky Miles and the Cabela Club, retailers rewarded customers with green stamps. Instead of ethereal reward points stored mysteriously in the cloud, shoppers received something positively tangible - a strip of stamps - proportional to the size of the purchase. … Continue reading What Green Stamps Taught Me About Life

My Reluctant (Re-)Entry Into Social Media

Once upon a time, I was considered by many to be a legitimate computer geek. An early adopter of technology, friends actually looked to me for technical advice. To be one of the first in my workplace to get a laptop brought me a great deal of pride. And of course, I had a bag … Continue reading My Reluctant (Re-)Entry Into Social Media