Serendipity in the Heart of the World


Kentucky is neither southern, northern, eastern, nor western,It is the core of America.If these United States could be called a body,Kentucky can be called its heart. from Kentucky is My Land by Jesse Stuart "No, Papa. I have yet to run into Frank Penn. Lexington is a big place and between work and school, I … Continue reading Serendipity in the Heart of the World

“Simple” Music

Brad Paisley Performs for US Navy

With a hint of ridicule in his voice, a friend once suggested that the reason I enjoy country music is that country music is "simple." Now in one way, that's sort of a compliment. But in another way, its a criticism. If by "simple" my friend meant pure, honest, straightforward, unpretentious, clear or coherent then … Continue reading “Simple” Music

Delighted Gratitude


In my experience one of the most effective antidotes for a foul mood is the simple exercise of listing things for which I am grateful.  A thoughtful review of such a list can cure a bout of self-pity like nothing else. Creating real gratitude lists, mentally or in actual written form, is a common exercise … Continue reading Delighted Gratitude

Missing Tubby, Tom and Tony

Air Force Coach Yelling

Football season is here and I'm loving it. The kickoffs during that first week of College football are the first harbingers of my favorite season of the year, fall. I'm definitely a bigger fan of fall than of football. But I do love to watch football. Its not that I'm a rabid football fan; I … Continue reading Missing Tubby, Tom and Tony