Serendipity in the Heart of the World


Kentucky is neither southern, northern, eastern, nor western,It is the core of America.If these United States could be called a body,Kentucky can be called its heart. from Kentucky is My Land by Jesse Stuart "No, Papa. I have yet to run into Frank Penn. Lexington is a big place and between work and school, I … Continue reading Serendipity in the Heart of the World

“Simple” Music

Brad Paisley Performs for US Navy

With a hint of ridicule in his voice, a friend once suggested that the reason I enjoy country music is that country music is "simple." Now in one way, that's sort of a compliment. But in another way, its a criticism. If by "simple" my friend meant pure, honest, straightforward, unpretentious, clear or coherent then … Continue reading “Simple” Music

Life and Holiness by Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton

My late friend and spiritual mentor, John Therkelson, gave me a copy of Thomas Merton's Life and Holiness as a Christmas gift in 1993. Like almost all the books John recommended, Life and Holiness left a lasting impression on me. Recently, as part of my daily devotional, I re-read Life and Holiness, each day reading one of the … Continue reading Life and Holiness by Thomas Merton

Live This Way in 2019

The stench was nearly unbearable but the words ringing loudly in her consciousness steeled her resolve in a way she was unable to fully understand. She couldn't deny that this place was not at all what she had envisioned. Perhaps a spot under a tree with a portable tent. Or maybe a simple 10 x … Continue reading Live This Way in 2019

The Challenge of the Nativity


As a child there is no doubt that I experienced more joy in the weeks leading up to Christmas than I did at any other time of the year. I mean, really, so many exciting things were going on: Mom baking cookies (pinwheels and fruitcake cookies!), preparing candy (divinity and peanut butter fudge!) and boiling … Continue reading The Challenge of the Nativity

Joy, India Style

I was never a big Patrick Swayze fan - God rest his soul. The movies in which he starred always seemed pretty shallow and predictable to me - although I must admit, MOST modern movies are, in fact, shallow and predictable. Come to think of it, I am often shallow and predictable. Maybe I'm just … Continue reading Joy, India Style

Delighted Gratitude


In my experience one of the most effective antidotes for a foul mood is the simple exercise of listing things for which I am grateful.  A thoughtful review of such a list can cure a bout of self-pity like nothing else. Creating real gratitude lists, mentally or in actual written form, is a common exercise … Continue reading Delighted Gratitude