Delighted Gratitude


In my experience one of the most effective antidotes for a foul mood is the simple exercise of listing things for which I am grateful.  A thoughtful review of such a list can cure a bout of self-pity like nothing else. Creating real gratitude lists, mentally or in actual written form, is a common exercise … Continue reading Delighted Gratitude

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands


For several years now, I have been getting most of my international and national news coverage from the BBC News website. I must thank our dear friend and missions pastor, Julie Broderson, for steering me to the BBC. Julie recommended reviewing this news source as a way to personally cultivate a global perspective. It is … Continue reading He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

Missing Tubby, Tom and Tony

Air Force Coach Yelling

Football season is here and I'm loving it. The kickoffs during that first week of College football are the first harbingers of my favorite season of the year, fall. I'm definitely a bigger fan of fall than of football. But I do love to watch football. Its not that I'm a rabid football fan; I … Continue reading Missing Tubby, Tom and Tony

Wrong Way

Wrong Direction

You might remember Wrongway Feldman, one of my favorite childhood TV characters. A old WWI Air Force pilot, Wrongway appeared in several episodes of Gilligan's Island. To put it mildly, Wrongway was not a very competent pilot. He had the reputation of, well, going the wrong way. It seemed Wrongway could bungle up any flight … Continue reading Wrong Way

Pepe, Poop and Provision

Homeless man on park bench

This week's blog contains one of many meaningful experiences I've been fortunate to have with homeless men in our Lexington community. I expect that future blog posts will reference many similar encounters. It's my hope that you, like me, will be enriched and enlightened by these personal anecdotes. Pepe was among the first homeless men … Continue reading Pepe, Poop and Provision